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The Bay Shore Jewish Center is an egalitarian Conservative synagogue and Hebrew School located in Bay Shore on the South Shore of Long Island. Its minyan began in l899 and the community incorporated twenty years later, in l9l9. Our current synagogue dates from the late l950s.
Our mission is a simple one: we are here to offer everyone the services and support of a Jewish community. For the newcomer, we are a gateway to learning and prayer. For the spiritual seeker, we offer meditation and an openness to the mystical traditions of Judaism. For those raised in Jewish homes, we offer continuity and growth. We provide ceremonies for baby-naming, rituals for healing, support and guidance in all the life-cycle events,
and a plot of earth for burial.
Our Rabbi, Leslie Schotz, was ordained by the Academy of Jewish Religion in New York and perfectly bridges both the Conservative traditions of the Center and its vision of the future. She leads services and consults in all our educational programming for adults and for children.
Our Cantor, Arlene Zucker, co-leads services on Friday nights and holidays as well as being a guide for our bnai mizvot.
Our Ritual Director, Al Beja, makes sure that all worshippers have the opportunity for synagogue honors.

The Jewish Centre of Bay Shore provides a free Hebrew school education to the children of members. This education is a foundation which prepares a student to become a bar or bat mitzvah. Attendance is required on both:
Sundays 10:00 am - 12:00 pm and
Thursdays 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm.
You Don't have to Pay to Pray!
Our High Holiday and Festival Services are open to
everyone. Call our office at 631-665-1140 to
reserve a place. We are glad to welcome you
and trust you will find us dedicated, open,
interested, and diverse.
      Rabbi Leslie Schotz


      Cantor Arlene Zucker


      President Solomon Pardes


      Ritual Director Al Beja


      President Ex-Officio
      Sheldon Leibowitz


      Chairman Robert E. Snyder z"l


      Office Manager

      Heidi Silverberg



      26 North Clinton Avenue
      Bay Shore, NY 11706
      phone: 631 665 1140
      fax: 631 665 1561
      email: jcbs36@optonline.net
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